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Today: 24 Jun 2024

Here you can calculate the detailed age of your baby in days, weeks, months and years. This tool helps you to take care of your baby's health during his/her grow up. After calculation, have a look at baby's growth and development milestones below. Start now by entering your baby's birthday below.

How old is my baby?

Baby’s First Year: 12 month stages of baby development, month by month

Your baby

Babies grow and develop with an amazing pace during the first 12 months and make plenty of progress until the age of 1. They make new and exciting improvements every month. You must not forget that every baby is different, and will have their own development pace for first smile, crawl, giggle, saying first word etc...

Here are the first 12 months of developmental milestones that your cutie may be doing.

1. Month

She can see objects at a distance of 15-20 centimeters and can turn her head in the direction of a sound. She is interested in sounds. Looks into the eyes of the person who feeds herself, it is important to make eye contact with the baby even for a short while. This month the baby smiles, this non-social smile may not always be the baby's reaction to something.

2. Month

She enjoys to be hugged and carried around and exploring the area at this age. She can look at moving or immobile objects in the field of view and focus on these objects for a short time. She recognizes sounds and can react to them. This month, baby cries to indicate she want something. She may start to cry differently for her different needs.

3. Month

Your cutie plays with her fingers and hands this month, tries to discover by taking her hands to her mouth. She establishes eye contact with the person speaking to her and may maintain eye contact for a while. In this month the baby becomes happy and excited when there are people around her, and when she is alone she may become uneasy.

4. Month

Head, back and neck muscles begin to develop more strengthen, and can now hold the head upright for a while. She can watch and follow an object or person in the visual field for a long time. In this month the baby makes different sounds from crying, makes different sounds for different needs and starts to cry in different ways.

5. Month

From this month on, she can sit on your lap and in her highchair by a support. The baby can follow the objects falling to the ground and look carefully at the face of the person who speaks to her and who approaches her. She seems to understand the words like “food, milk, mother, father”. She may start to imitate different sounds to attract attention.

6. Month

This month, the baby can sit without support and can keep her head upright while sitting. She enjoys sitting on her own. Prepares to crawl. In the supine position, she tries to reach towards the toys near her, and tries to reach the toy by dragging herself. She starts to make more sounds and syllables, she screams and laughs. From this month on, the baby gets excited and happy when she sees a face she knows, and can make eye contact. In this month, the baby starts to show her emotions with different facial expressions.

7. Month

The baby can use her fingers to pick up the objects in front of her. She enjoys catching objects and throwing them back. She likes to look at herself in the mirror. At this month, she may start looking when she is called by her name.

8. Month

She tries to get up from sitting position by holding onto furnitures around or someone, she may stand still if she gets up. She starts to express her needs and wishes with the sounds and body movements. For example, when she wants to be taken to the lap, she extends her arms upwards. She may get excited when she sees infants of her age or older.

9. Month

She tries to stand up by clinging to furnitures around, stands up and can step. She can show the objects of interest with her index finger, uses the index finger as a way of communication. She becomes more interested in objects and people around her than in previous months.

10. Month

She can step when she is supported by holding her hands. She begins to understand and make sense of the sounds she hears around her. She understands and performs commands such as “give”, “take”, “throw”. In this month, she may start to shy away from strangers and becomes restless when there are people around her that she doesn't recognize.

11. Month

She enjoys climbing and can climb the steps of the stairs whenever she can. With the further development of eye and hand coordination, she can lift objects by using one hand, can carry them without dropping. The baby who masters her fingers like tongs, can hold and loose the laces of her shoes. She prefers some of her favorite toys to others. She may begin to imitate the movements of the people around her and her mother.

12. Month

At the age close to 1, some toddlers start walking, some infants continue their effort to walk. Toddler wants to walk all the time, the only fun is to walk. The one-year-old baby can understand simple commands, say a few words, and listen to the person who speaks to her like she's understanding them.

It takes around 12 months for a newborn to be an active toddler. These first 12 month baby development milestones can vary from baby to baby. It’s very important to remember that all babies develop at their own pace, so these month to month milestones are estimates for you. For example your cutie may crawl later or even earlier than the indicated stage above, or she can say her first words while other infants only giggle until one year mark. Just take care and enjoy your cute baby's exciting growth and development.