How old am I? – Age Calculator

Today: 14 Jul 2024

With this age calculator tool, you can calculate your own age today or your friend's age in days, weeks, months and years. Just enter the day, month and year of birthdate to the form below. This tool will give you the exact answers of "how old are you?", "how old are you in months, weeks and days?", "how many days to my next birthday?"

How old am i now?

Meaning of the age

Generally, age of a person is the time passed since the birth of a person in terms of years. When a baby is born, it is known to be at the age of zero. After completing 12 full months, its known to be at age 1.

How does the age calculated

In the international age system, the age is calculated by counting each chronological full year passed since the birth of a person. But some nations such as China and Korea accept a newborn baby is 1 year old rather than begining with age '0' (East Asian Age Reckoning). In Asian age reckoning, counting of age starts from the time of pregnancy. So the age of a newborn person is '1' and the age is incremented on Chinese New Year (Traditional Chinese Lunar Year). This may lead to a big difference, for example if a person is born the day before the Chinese New Year, baby is accepted to be at the age '1'. After the Chinese Lunar New Year, age turns to 2 where the baby is actually 2 days old only. Asian reckoning is initiated in China but less common these days due to official matters. These cultures seems to be migrating to western age system to eliminate differences globally.

How to use how old am i age calculator

Enter your birthday or your friend's birthday to the calculator form above. All 3 fields 'day', 'month' and 'year' are necessary to calculate your age. Enter your data correctly to get accurate result.

How many days to my next birthday

It is sometimes confusing to calculate manually the days until your next birthday but you will get the exact answer by entering your birthday to the form above.